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(a clear copywrite violation)

Like many of my graduate experiences, this course was a challenge in relating to students much older than myself...a challenge in identifying with the group, perhaps. As a youngster, the biggest frustration that I had was that all of these "old" people seemed to be more tech saavy than myself. They had all the latest disruptive gadgets and they were using them in ways beyond my understanding....but this isn't just another course on technology...

The theoretical pieces that we read over the last fifteen weeks and the projects we have worked on together have changed the way I view human interaction, the education system and my responsibilities as a future educator. I am a little frightened to be a summer away from being thrown into an education system where identity, community, and design aren't on people's minds on a weekly basis. I am scared to be going back to high school. Am allowed to blog there? Will there be teachers that share my new way of thinking about what a learning space should look like? Will I be an outsider or a radical? The identity crisis will begin once again.

I think that all of our trajectories have been drastically changed with the experiences we have shared as a community this semester. I hope that we will all continue to keep in touch and support each other as we go our separate ways and attempt to disrupt our future communities of practice.

Team Dragon till I die,

(I did this with my new iPhone)

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It's normal our outlook to be changed by the events and the people we meet in our life. Questions will always arise before us, but I think that there is a little charm in it. I also hope we all continue to keep in touch and share our experiences.

Well you can try online education. I am learning psychology online and it works just fine for me.

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