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Features that I wanted to include
1. Math (light blue), Reading and Writing (pink), and Laboratories (purple) tailored toward each of the three sciences, as well as, engineering (Students can also go to other wings of the space for courses in other disciplines).
2. Areas of the space that include natural elements (green)
3. Centralized collaborative areas for inter-disciplinary discussion, research, and presentation of work (white). This includes areas for experimentation, discussion, debate, and presentation.
4. Buses for field trip experiences
5. Outlets for application of sciences in a fun or real-world way (greenhouse, pottery for chemists, science toy buildings)
6. Nutritional center run for students and by students (stems from a personal belief that every graduate should be competent in the kitchen).
7. I wanted to symbolize the peripheral experience that goes on at the Mendenhall Science Community by having classrooms surrounding professional laboratories. These could either be places where professors do their research, or places where graduate students work. Undergraduate students have their own laboratory areas (light purple) but would also interact with these centralized laboratory areas.

I will elaborate on the inspirations for this design in comment form.

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...Also, apologizes for the use of Paint.

1. I went outside once in my undergraduate experience for an english class.

2. I did not go on a single field trip in my undergraduate experience.

That's a beautiful image, Dan. You thought about this in a very complex, highly integrated way. I appreciate your ability to dive out of a conventional rectangular room design and think more in a more pod-like, circular/spherical design. That seems to facilitate more movement and space. I also like how you considered outdoor space as learning space-- there's certainly a number of things to consider in designing outdoors which, in many cases, may not have the same limitations or even framework as indoors.

I was thinking of hovercrafts, canoes with wheels, or giant spheres which you can get inside and roll at your leisure (American Gladiator style) to handle the diversity of terrain you might encounter in your travels. Or kites. You could build something out of kites.

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