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About TLT Fellows

TLT Fellows will play a critical role in the success of many initiatives across Teaching and Learning with Technology (TLT). Fellows are essential to the future of TLT's network as connecting points of intelligence, insight, energy, and knowledge-sharing. TLT Fellows will help to drive thinking from within to directly influence later projects and to share fresh ideas and skills with the larger Penn State community. Learn more about how to become a Fellow.

Recent Entries

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We are creating a game format in which students will post current events to share with other students. Readers will…
Gamification in the Classroom
Considerable attention has been paid recently to the potential impact of games on learning. One difficulty for this work…
Designing Mobile, Location-aware, Socially Networked Learning Assistant
Mobile computing has made huge strides in terms of adoption over the the last five years. The popularity of products…